After hiking accident, King’s student returns to reality

Philippa Wolff — The Watch (University of King’s College)

(Photo courtesy of The Watch)

HALIFAX (CUP) — Elizabeth Orenstein is chatting animatedly in her first apartment, having only moved in last week.

She’s hustling about, making tea and talking about how she’s spent the past few days scrubbing down every surface of her new home with her mother and stepfather.

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Investigation finds Fido agents knowingly signed underage students to cellphone contracts

Arno Rosenfeld — The Ubyssey (University of British Columbia

(Illustration by Indiana Joel/The Ubyssey)

VANCOUVER (CUP) — A Ubyssey investigation has discovered evidence of salespeople from Fido Mobile compelling underage students to sign cell phone contracts using false ages.

Through interviewing students who signed up for Fido cellphones at two on-campus events and at an off-campus Fido store frequented by students, as well as reporting undercover from both locations, it appears that asking 18-year-old students to fudge an extra year onto their ages may be a common practice for dealers at the cell phone service provider.

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