My Story

Bund, Shanghai Forbidden City in Beijing After graduating from the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, I began to work in the IT department of a federal government agency in Beijing, married my fellow high school classmate (she attended the medical school of same university and even graduated from the same college in Canada !). We lived in Beijing for 16 years, before we decided to emigrate to Canada in 2001.

CN Tower, TorontoWe live in Toronto, Ontario, a very diverse metropolitan with a population of 2.5 million, more than half of them were born outside of Canada.

City of Montreal We have one daughter, Ellie. She is a gifted student, who has won numerous awards of distinction and scholarships, including Student of the Year (Graduating Class of 2009), Canada Millennium National Excellence Award, and Loran Award.

Ellie finished psychology in McGill University in Montreal, Quebec with First Class Honours. This video clip shows that Ellie's mentor Mrs. Marina Boulos-Winton introduced Ellie for the David & Diana Wednesday-Night Salon held in Westmount on September 9, 2009.

Tusks in Mombasa Ellie went to Kenya in summer (2010) for volunteer activity. She spent 12 weeks (May 1st - July 27th) working with a small team in Mombassa, and helping to set up outreaches and edutainment activities for HIV/AIDS awareness. This project was sponsored by Youth Challenge International, a reputable charity organization. Its head office is located in Toronto, and has many years of volunteer programming in Kenya and around the world. More detailed info of this adventure can be found on her blog and photos @ Facebook and a video clip.

Jane Everett, PhD, Dean of Students, McGill University notified to Ellie that she had been selected as one of 2010's recipients of the Flo Tracy Community Service Awards. Two awards were being given that year, each in the amount of $1000. This award recognized her valuable contributions to the McGill residence community and to the larger university one.

After graduation from McGill, Ellie received Ph.D candidate program offers from McGill, University of Notre Dame (in Indiana, USA), University of Texas at Austin, Texas, as well as Master program offers from Western Ontario, and University of New Nrunswick. She eventually chose UTA @ Austin as it is a very high rank in the field of clinic psychology, and she loves Austin.